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4G Pitch Cost – Factors That Increase Your 4G Pitch Cost

If you are planning to install a 4G sports pitch at your club, school or university then you will be wondering how much it is going to cost. There are many factors that influence the price to fit a 4G pitch and these will be discussed in this article. The first step is to understand what type of sports pitch you need and this will be based on the number of pitches, size of the pitch and location. We will then take the varying specifications into account and can come up with a quote that is affordable for your organisation.

4G is the latest in astroturf surfacing and has been designed to eliminate the need for any infill products. The surfacing is 100% synthetic with short and dense fibres that are engineered to create an all weather surface that replicates natural grass. This is perfect for clubs, schools and universities that require high levels of use all year round. It is the only surfacing that is currently recognised by sports governing bodies and offers consistent performance for both football and rugby.

There are plenty of benefits to investing in a 4G football pitch including being able to play at all times and not having to cancel games because of rain. This will allow sports activity clubs to increase income streams by hiring out the facility to the community. Recreational centres can also gain from the all weather surfacing since it means PE classes can continue even after heavy rain.

One thing that will increase your 4G pitch cost is the type of sub base that needs to be installed beneath the surfacing. This is usually made up of a mixture of angled rocks and sand that can be compacted together before a macadam layer is laid on top. Depending on the size of the football pitch and the amount of drainage required, the sub base can range in price from PS25,000 to PS500,000.

Once your 4G pitch is completed it will need a maintenance plan that will include regular cleaning and deep raking. This will help to ensure that the sand infill stays evenly distributed and doesn’t lose any of its properties. The frequency of the maintenance work will depend on how often the facility is used, but we recommend at least once a month during the peak seasons.

The best way to maximise the utilisation of your new 4G football pitch is by using a sports facility management software like Bookteq from Playfinder. This software will allow you to manage bookings, customers and payments online. Venues who have used this software have seen utilisation increases by up to 35%.

Although the initial investment of a 4G pitch may be high, it will pay for itself with the extra income it will bring in. By utilising a software like Bookteq you can make your facility more profitable and get the most out of your investment. For more information about how to improve the profitability of your venue, contact us today.

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