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Writing Samurai Style

The Samurai was a class of warriors who dominated Japan for almost one thousand years. They were powerful and fierce, but their strength was their dedication to their work and their determination to master their art. Today, you can learn from the samurai’s example by developing your own sense of grit and self-discipline in order to achieve your goals.

Writing Japanese Hiragana

If you are studying the Japanese language, writing hiragana ww.writingsamurai.com is an excellent way to practice and improve your skills. You can use this skill to help you communicate with friends and family members or to express your feelings. It also helps you to write quickly and easily, ensuring that you don’t lose any of your ideas or thoughts while writing.

Calligraphy and Painting

Another important art in Japan is calligraphy, which is written using a pen. Calligraphy is an ancient art that has its roots in the Chinese brushwork and Zen Buddhism. In Japan, calligraphy is a meditation tool that can be used to connect with the nature around you and to improve your focus. It is a great way to sharpen your mind, enhance your concentration and improve your artistic talent.

Portable Yatate (Yatate-to)

The yatate, a portable writing device invented during the Edo period (1603-1867), is believed to be a design that the samurai crafted themselves (Marshall, 2009). It was similar to a dipper with a larger ink retainer and a long thin handle. It could store a brush and in some models, a slim knife that was intended to scrape ink (Stutler, 2009).

During the Edo period, yatate were carried by samurai to document their journeys or spread word of Shintoism or other religious beliefs. It is possible that the yatate was a way for the samurai to expand their territory without the need to carry a sword. It is also possible that the yatate became popular among merchants who needed to document their travels in a time when trade was prohibited.

Writing was a key part of the samurai’s training. It was considered a highly important discipline, as it allowed them to record details of battles and land transactions in a timely manner (Marshall, 2009).

Although the yatate was designed for the samurai, they were also carried by other classes during this time. It is possible that the yatate helped to promote literacy in Japan as it was so portable, efficient and easy to use. This may have contributed to the high rate of literacy found in Japan during this time.

Samurai and Education

The samurai were well-educated and supported the development of art and literature, as they were encouraged to read widely and formally school their children (Kato, 1997). They wrote their own novels and played an instrumental role in the establishment of formal schools during the Edo period. During the Meiji era (1868-1912) Japan’s literacy rate rose to forty percent (Andressen, 2001).

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